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SKU: CP-C103.


Kanji are Chinese characters that have been adopted into the modern Japanese writing system. The Kanji pearl is the focal point of this unique necklace. This pendant was the most exciting find in years for designer Katherine Kornblau, because these genuine pearls are created organically, rendering each one absolutely unique. Katherine’s design allows the pendant to speak for itself, complemented by only a sterling silver snake chain as the base for this necklace. 16″ long, approximately 2″ drop.

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Cultured Pearls

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Sterling Silver Snake Chain


Sterling Silver Lobster Claw Clasp

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United States of America


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Cultured Pearls
“These are not your grandmother’s pearls” remarked Katherine while draping her neck with a fifty inch strand with all the shades of a pearly rainbow. “Everyone needs a strand of classic white round pearls in their wardrobe, just like they need a black cocktail dress. What I love about the new generation of pearls is the diversity of shapes and colors.” Pearls have come a long way since Mikimoto created the first cultured pearl in the 1880s on his oyster farm in Japan. To this day, cultured pearls are still being farmed and processes have been developed to create incredibly vivid colors and unique shapes. This cultured pearl collection, with all of its extraordinary shapes and colors, is a fresh look at a classic accessory.