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SKU: NH-B132.


This fascinating and sculptural semiprecious bracelet is a partner to our Enigma necklace, or bold enough to wear by itself. Each semiprecious stone on this bracelet is hand-cut to perfectly interlock, creating an illusion of a gemstone puzzle. The cut of these stones were designed by Katherine Kornblau and sculpted just for KJK Style. An earthy array of jaspers, aventurines, sodalite, tiger’s eye and more, accented with black onyx. Gold-plated toggle. 8.5″ long.

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Semiprecious Stones

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Gold-Plated Pewter Toggle Clasp

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United States of America


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Semiprecious Stones
Whether it is the Hope Diamond or a small quartz pebble found along a path in Central Park, a true lover of gems appreciates the beauty in every rock. The passion for gemstones is the reason that Katherine first began making jewelry. Her appreciation of rocks started when she was a young girl, when she was known to collect whatever neat stones caught her eye. Even her young daughter has inherited the rock-loving gene! Katherine’s relationship with rocks grew from those pebbles into a small semiprecious gem collection. This is a very personal collection because only the semiprecious gemstones that ‘speak’ to Katherine are chosen. Katherine’s eye for picking distinguishing gemstones has been fine-tuned over the past 30 years of buying from sources across the globe. She is always on the lookout for stones with distinctive patterns, natural inclusions, and any markings that will make the final piece of jewelry unique. Wearing a semiprecious piece from our KJK Style collection, you might even catch yourself noticing the pebbles at your feet.